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No1 Freelancer proudly announces the most valued Online money making courses for the students, unemployed, low-salaried, business professionals, Job seekers and part-time freelancers to grow their income or make huge profit from potential earning opportunities.

No1 Freelancer is expert in digital investment businesses like Domain buying selling, property buying selling, Web development, SEO, Hosting and Internet Marketing using the latest trends and experience of 23 years in Marketing.

Currently We are offering the following Courses online:



  1. Basics of Freelancing: A pure straight away direction & guideline for the newbies to become a professional freelancer using basic skills, tips, tricks and expertise.
  2. Freelance Profile creation Tips: How to create a shining profile to grab the attention of the client/buyer. Simple but effective tips and tricks with proven case studies.
  3. Freelance Job Proposal: How to tailor a result oriented proposal in reply of a posted job at any freelance marketplace like upwork.com guru.com freelancer.com etc
  4. How to withdraw the money and bring in your pocket: The money is the goal of all the services so don’t get involved into the complexity by using unknown ways, methods and resources to bring the money in your bank account from the online sources. We will tell you how to get paid from the online buyers/clients and then get the money deposited in your bank account.

Course Fee: US $300.00
Duration: 15 Days  

Note: Internship will be provided after the course is completed and later the job may be provided to the successful students. 


BECOME A DOMAINER: (website name buying & selling business)

Buying and selling website name referred as “Domaining” is currently the most powerful and widely used online business these days. The people around the world making billions of dollars using this method of digital buying selling online simply sitting at their computer or using mobile apps.

  1. Basic Concept of Domaining: You’ll learn from the expert, how to start an online Domain buying & selling business using as little as $100 (Rs. 10,000/- PKR) and how to earn in five figures using simple tips and methods.
  2. How to buy the profitable Domains: In the next level you’ll learn the places where you can buy the profitable domain names. We’ll tell you how to find use the promo codes/discount codes to buy from various vendors for the cheapest prices.
  3. Information required before buying the domains: The most important is to know before you buy a domain name, which domain name is good for selling and which is just a waste of money. Finding the most profitable domain names by using that information.
  4. How to sell the domain name: Now the most important thing is to sell your domain name to make money and get profit from the asset. Selling tips, tricks, methods, policies, guidelines will be provided in order to make  you knowledgeable before getting into the business.
  5. Marketplaces to sell the domains: How to get into the relevant marketplaces and create a profile. Our expert will guide you through the process of creating trusted profile that grabs the attention of the buyer. Afterwards, You will learn how to tailor an impressive “sales letter” full of information about the asset you are going to sell and buyer likes to know.

Course Fee: US $300.00
Duration: 15 Days

Note: Internship will be provided after the course is completed and later the job may be provided to the successful students. 



SEO is undoubtedly the most fastest growing business becoming popular since the evolution of search engines. People finds the information about a specific word that called “Keyword” and the search engine displays the most relevant information in reply of the input.

SEO is the key element these days because the competition of a single product is very high between billions of websites holds by the individuals and/or companies around the world. We will teach you how to start SEO for a simple website to a complex eCommerce web portal.

  1. Keyword Research: Keyword research is the very basic part of SEO and one must know how to find the keywords that brings the website at the top of a search engine SERP (search engine results page) list fast. Which keywords are valuable and which aren’t.
  2. Meta Tags: Guideline will be provided for using / optimizing the Meta tags (Title, Description, Keyword, and others with 100% accurate results through live case studies)
  3. On-page optimization & Off-page optimization: Expert will tell you the difference between these two and how to use each of them to get most out of those in order to get ranked the site at the top of Search Engine’s indexed list.

Course Fee: US $700.00
Duration: 30 Days

Note: Internship will be provided after the course is completed and later the job may be provided to the successful students. 





Web Hosting is the profitable business that most widely used as “Passive income” where only one time effort is required at the time of getting involved in this business  by becoming a “Reseller” of a main streamed Web Hosting provider for a minor Registration fee that can be paid for a selected hosting package suitable for the needs of small or large scale online business websites.

  1. How to become a Web Host: A complete course with live case studies to teach you how to get started with a small web hosting business using a small piece of budget in order to double and triple the income without any repeating efforts.
  2. Tips and Tricks to build your own Web server: After the course you will be able to setup a small web hosting online company and just see how the money comes into your valet.
  3. How to setup Help & support for the customers: Precise lectures and guidelines to follow in order to provide the best help and support to your web hosting clients without any special training.

Course Fee: US $200.00
Duration: 07 Days